Community Awareness

Exposing Corruption

Our system is broken, and we need to shine a light on that.  Represent.Us has created several “honest political ads” that showcase “Honest Gil,” the politician who tells it like it really is.  Election cantidates don’t care about the people they’re supposed to represent.  They care about making corporate connections that will equate to campaign donations.  Today, elections are won with money.  To change that, we need to expose the problem.

See more of Honest Gil here.


Pay 2 Play documentary screenings

Our chapter has purchased a screening license to be able to screen the film Pay 2 Play.  We’re looking for more venues to screen this film, anything from a living room to an auditorium hall.  We’re also looking into the possibility of a webcast screening of the film.  The film highlights the role that money plays in corrupting elections locally and nationally.


Local Media Publications

Several of our chapter’s members have written op-eds and letters to the editors of local newspapers and media outlets.  The goal is to increase awareness of corruption, and campagin finance issues in local government.

David’s Opinion Editorials and Letters to the Editors

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