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Special Edition National Call Nov. 19 8 PM

Big things ahead! Join the RepresentUs National Leaders’ Call to get the inside scoop on some exciting updates to our Volunteer Program.

We asked volunteer leaders how to improve the RepresentUs volunteer experience, and now we’re putting your ideas into practice. Over the next few weeks RepresentUs will be rolling out a revamped volunteer program. This includes re-thinking how we guide volunteers to take action and unveiling two brand new volunteer teams that folks across the U.S. can join. 

Join our call to hear from RepresentUs Organizing Manager James Jameson about where the volunteer program is headed, and ask any questions that may arise during the presentation. Not a leader? No worries, all RepresentUs volunteers and supporters are welcome to listen in. 

Here is everything you need to know:

What: SPECIAL EDITION RepresentUs Leaders’ Call

When: Tuesday, November 19th at 8pm ET

Why: Get the inside scoop on some exciting changes to the RepresentUs Volunteer Program

You can join the call by clicking through this link: or by calling into 669-900-6833 with the Webinar ID: 896 222 638

Sign up here to get all the info you need to join sent to your email:

Represent NJ Chapter Meeting Oct. 19

Join us for our October Chapter Meeting.
Saturday, October 19 at 11 AM
Fahs Theater at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton 
50 Cherry Hill Rd., Princeton
Who/what is Wolf-PAC?  Mike Monetta, national director of our coalition partner, Wolf-PAC NJ,  will lead a Q&A via live stream.
We will also have an Update on the End Dark Money Bill and a discussion of our  Ranked Choice Voting Campaign.

Represent.Us Central NJ Chapter Celebrates Representation Day at Communiversity April 30


Princeton, NJ – At Communiversity, members of Represent.Us Central New Jersey will distribute information about the corrupting effect of special interest groups and secret “dark” money on our politics and elections. Citizens will be urged to call their NJ Legislators to support three campaign finance reform bills to fight the problem.

“We need everyone to tell our elected officials and candidates for Governor, it’s time to act!” said David Goodman, Represent.Us Central New Jersey Chapter Leader. “We have a plan to drain the swamp by passing anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money and fix our broken elections. The New Jersey legislature can take steps toward this goal by passing three campaign finance reform bills, A-3902, A-3903, and A-3639.

Represent.Us Central NJ is the local chapter of Represent.Us, the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign. Represent.Us members are taking action this weekend in cities from Baltimore, MD to Fort Worth, TX to demand stronger anti-corruption laws.

“We’re at a tipping point in this country. Americans from the left, right and center are starting to fight back against our corrupt political system, and win.” Said Josh Silver, Represent.Us Executive Director. “Represent.Us’ plan to drain the swamp begins with the American people taking a stand against a broken, corrupt political system and fighting for a government that represents the people, not special interests and lobbyists.”

A full list of events around the country is available on the Represent.Us website, at Contact for the national press office.

Immigration Order Exempts Many Nations Doing Business With Trump Companies

Trump First’ Policy Appears Corrupt

by Dan Krassner

WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald Trump’s immigration ban that prevents citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East from entering the United States for 90 days doesn’t include many Muslim-majority countries where the Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals, according to Bloomberg.


“This is more than a coincidence,” said Josh Silver, director of the nonpartisan anti-corruption group Represent.Us. “It is outrageous that the President’s ‘Trump First’ policy appears to be targeting countries that don’t do business with him, and rewarding those who do. At worst, it is illegal. At best, it appears corrupt, and is the opposite of draining the swamp.”


“The first wall Trump builds should be between his administration and his business,” Silver added. “Until then, the president’s conflicts will continue to undermine trust in his administration and a cloud of corruption will hover over every decision he makes.”

Represent.Us encourages President Trump to review the American Anti-Corruption Act for serious proposals to actually drain the swamp.



Represent.Us is the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign, with more than 600,000 members across the country. We bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections.

Trump Puts a For Sale Sign on the White House

President-elect keeps ownership of business, putting self-interest before public interest

WASHINGTON, DC – President-elect Donald Trump refused to relinquish ownership of his business, divest into a true blind trust run by an independent trustee, resolve Emoluments Clause issues and establish a strong ethics wall between his administration and business.

“The president-elect has effectively put a for sale sign on the White House lawn,” said Represent.Us Director Josh Silver. “This ignores decades of presidential practices that put the public interest before self-interest. Unless Trump changes course, his administration will carry a massive risk of corruption.”

In Politico Magazine, top ethics policy experts Norman Eisen, Richard Painter and Laurence Tribe said there are five key questions the public should ask to determine whether Trump’s plan truly mitigates the risk of corruption and scandal:

1. Does Trump make a clean break from ownership of his businesses, not just from operations?

2. Does Trump divest into a true blind trust?

3. Does Trump use a truly independent trustee, not a family member?

4. Are all Emoluments Clause issues resolved?

5. Is a strong ethics wall put in place for both the administration and the business?

Represent.Us believes the answer is ‘no’ to all five questions, according to Silver.

Today’s developments underscore Represent.Us’s strategy to go around Washington to America’s corruption problem in the states, and highlights the importance of our members’ passage of America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota in November, 2016.