We’ve already passed Anti-Corruption Acts and Resolutions in cities and states across the country

Victory in Ferndale, Michigan!

AUGUST 28 2017

Great news from the amazing Represent.Us Metro Detroit chapter: they have successfully passed a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution in the city of Ferndale on August 28, 2017! This is the team’s third win, and we are so proud of all their hard work. Congratulations!







Victory in South Abington, Pennsylvania!

 JULY 10 2017

Another win on July 10, 2017 from the Represent Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter! In South Abington, Pennsylvania, the City Council voted to pass the comprehensive anti-corruption resolution that was introduced by the chapter. This is their 4th all time win. Keep up the amazing work!





Victory in West Windsor, New Jersey!

JULY 10 2017

Congratulations to our committed Represent Central NJ chapter who just celebrated their 6th all time win! The City Council in West Windsor, New Jersey voted to pass a comprehensive anti-corruption resolution on July 10, 2017. Amazing work from everyone involved!




Victory in Burnsville, North Carolina!

JUNE 26 2017

Our newly formed Burnsville Chapter celebrated their second victory on June 26th, 2017. The Burnsville town council unanimously voted in favor of a comprehensive anti-gerrymandering resolution. The people of North Carolina are making sure their voices are heard, their votes are respected and that the government represents them. Congratulations!





Victory in Burnsville, North Carolina!

JUNE 26 2017

The town council in Burnsville, North Carolina unanimously voted to pass a comprehensive anti-corruption resolution on June 26, 2017. This is the second win in North Carolina and the first for our recently formed Burnsville Chapter. It is empowering to see more people taking up the reigns in the fight to reclaim our democracy. Congratulations to our intrepid members in Burnsville on their win and thank you for your hard work and dedication!




Victory in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan!

JUNE 13 2017

On June 13th, 2017 the Pleasant Ridge City Commission voted unanimously to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution. This makes Pleasant Ridge the second city in Michigan to do so! Thank you Represent Metro Detroit for all the hard work you did to make this happen.



Victory in Williamsburg, Massachusetts!

JUNE 5 2017

On June 5, 2017, Williamsburg residents unanimously voted to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town meeting. Thank you to Represent Western Mass and citizens across the state for continuing to push for these resolutions and for having faith that we can conquer corruption and restore our democracy.




Victory in North Andover, Massachusetts!

MAY 16 2017

It is getting hard to keep track of all these wins in Massachusetts! On May 16, 2017, North Andover was the next town to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town meeting. Pressure is starting to build on the Massachusetts General Court to pass tough new anti-corruption laws thanks to the voice of citizens across Massachusetts and the continuing dedication of our Boston and Western MA chapters.


Victory in Southampton, Massachusetts!

MAY 16 2017

Southampton leads the way to the next 50 anti-corruption resolution wins with a victory on May 16, 2017!  The comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed by majority vote at the town meeting. A big thank you to Represent Western MA and concerned citizens like yourselves who are dedicated to giving a voice to the people and to restoring our democracy.




Victory in Swampscott, Massachusetts!

MAY 15 2017

The eastern part of the state is mirroring the success found in the west with another win on May 15, 2017! The comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed at the Swampscott town meeting thanks in large part to the persistence of the Represent Boston chapter.



Victory in Amherst, Massachusetts!

MAY 15 2017

One more win as a result of the effort put forth by the Represent Western Mass chapter! This time passing in Amherst, Massachusetts, the comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was voted on at the town meeting on May 15, 2017. This is the 50th overall non-binding resolution win in the months long anti-corruption resolution campaign!




Victory in Longmeadow, Massachusetts!

MAY 10 2017

Thanks to the continuing dedication of our Represent Western MA chapter, Longmeadow was the next town to vote in favor of a more open and and accountable democracy. This win came on May 10, 2017 when the town voted to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town meeting.



Victory in Hatfield, Massachusetts!

MAY 9 2017

Represent Western MA continues its sweep of the valley, this time with a win in Hatfield, Massachusetts. The town passed  a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town hall meeting on May 9, 2017. More resolution votes for the chapter are on the horizon!









Victory in Andover, Massachusetts!

MAY 8 2017

Represent Boston continues their steady stream of wins in the eastern part of the state, this time with a victory in Andover, Massachusetts. On May 8, 2017, Andover joined the fight by passing a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town hall meeting.



Victory in Conway, Massachusetts!

MAY 8 2017

Shortly after the successful passing of resolutions on May 6, 2017, Represent Western Mass continues to find success in their quest to pass comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolutions in towns and cities across the state. On May 8, 2017, Conway, Massachusetts voted to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution, marking another win for the Western MA chapter!








Victory in Shutesbury, Massachusetts!

MAY 6 2017

The wins just don’t stop! Represent Western MA gained their third win in one day by unanimously voting to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution in the town of Shutesbury, Massachusetts on May 6, 2017. One by one, towns and cities across Western Massachusetts are standing up for traditional democratic values as they continue to voice their support for anti-corruption resolutions.



Victory in Plainfield, Massachusetts!

MAY 6 2017

Represent Western MA continues their progress by gaining an additional win, this time in Plainfield, Massachusetts! The comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed during a town hall meeting on May 6, 2017, the second win achieved on this date!





Victory in Montague, Massachusetts!

MAY 6 2017

Continuing to build on their momentum, Represent Western MA has earned yet another win. On May 6, 2017, the chapter was able to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution during a town hall meeting in Montague, Massachusetts. The wave of anti-corruption resolutions continues to sweep over Western Massachusetts, due in large part to the hard work of chapter leaders and volunteers who call the Pioneer Valley home.



Victory in Cummington, Massachusetts!

MAY 5 2017

Represent Western MA is on a roll! This win was secured by passing a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at the Cummington town meeting on May 5, 2017. The group has more town meetings on the horizon where they aim to continue their streak of wins.






Victory in Hadley, Massachusetts!

MAY 4 2017

The dedication of Represent Western MA volunteers continues to pay off with an additional win! In Hadley, Massachusetts, a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed in the town meeting on May 4, 2017. The group continues fighting to pass more non-binding resolutions at future town meetings.




Victory in Colrain, Massachusetts!

MAY 2 2017

Represent Western Mass continues their amazing work with another win! In Colrain, Massachusetts, a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed in the town meeting on May 2, 2017.  Yet another success for our hardworking Western MA chapter!




Victory in Stoneham, Massachusetts!

MAY 1 2017

Represent Boston’s perseverance pays off! In Stoneham, Massachusetts, a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed at the town meeting on May 1, 2017. The wins just keep coming for our amazing Boston chapter this year! Keep up the great work!




Victory in Marblehead, Massachusetts!

MAY 1 2017

Our Represent Boston chapter has had another success in their campaign to pass 30 resolutions in the state, this time in Marblehead on May 1, 2017! At the town meeting, citizens voted overwhelmingly to approve the chapter’s comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution which supports the increase of transparency in political donations and limits the influence of money in politics. Big thanks to the League of Women Voters in Marblehead, who were a tremendous help to the passage of this resolution!


Victory in Nahant, Massachusetts!

APRIL 29 2017

Represent Boston has achieved another win this year! In Nahant, Massachusetts, a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution was passed in the town meeting on April 29, 2017. Keep up the great work!





Victory in Whately, Massachusetts!

APRIL 25 2017

Congratulations to Represent Western MA on a great win in Whately on April 25, 2017! Whately City Council passed the anti-Corruption Resolution unanimously. This is yet another  victory that this chapter has helped push through local government in Western Massachusetts this year.




Victory in Concord, Massachusetts!

APRIL 24 2017

Shout out to our Represent Boston chapter for passing a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution in the town of Concord on April 24, 2017! This marks another win for Represent Boston this year, as the group keeps fighting for anti-corruption reform in towns and cities throughout the Boston area.

Victory in Carrboro, North Carolina!

APRIL 18TH 2017

Congratulations to Represent Triangle for its first win in North Carolina on April 18, 2017! This group passed a resolution unanimously through city council, which called for the passage of new, tough anti-corruption laws in the state and promised to pass legislation in the town of Carrboro that would promote transparency and reform the broken systems of campaign finance and government ethics.



Victory in South Hadley, Massachusetts!

APRIL 11TH 2017

Represent Western Massachusetts successfully passed an Anti-Corruption Resolution in the town of South Hadley on April 11, 2017. The Resolution passed by an overwhelming majority, proving that corruption is an important issue that Americans from the left and the right will fight to fix. The team in Western Massachusetts will continue to work to pass resolutions across the region throughout Spring 2017.

Victory in Acton, Massachusetts!

APRIL 4TH 2017

Represent Boston’s hard work  continues to pay off with another win! Residents of Acton, Massachusetts passed a comprehensive anti-corruption resolution at their town meeting on April 4, 2017. The wave of resistance is building momentum in the Commonwealth as citizens work to take back their Republic!




Victory in Stephenson County, Illinois!

APRIL 4TH 2017

Our all-star chapters in Illinois teamed up to pass the fifth county-wide anti-corruption resolution in their state. On April 4th the resolution passed with over 90% of public support, more proof that when presented with the ideas of the American Anti-corruption Act, the American people vote for reform.




Victory in Rockport, Massachusetts!

APRIL 1ST 2017

Citizens of Rockport, Massachusetts passed a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town meeting on April 1, 2017! The push to pass the resolution would not have been successful without the unwavering determination of volunteers from the Represent Boston chapter.




Victory in Lexington, Massachusetts!

MARCH 22ND 2017

Represent Boston chapter members passed their first resolution of 2017 on March 22nd in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts. At the March town meeting voters overwhelmingly approved an Anti-Corruption Resolution, which demands that anti-corruption laws be passed by the legislature at the state and federal level. This team has been working to pass resolutions in towns all over the state, and plans to continue fighting to keep money out of politics.

Victory in Pittston, Pennsylvania!

MARCH 22ND 2017

The anti-corruption movement is quickly building momentum in the Keystone State – Represent Northeastern Pennsylvania passed their third resolution of 2017 on March 22nd. The City Council of Pittston unanimously voted in support of an Anti-Corruption Resolution that calls for reform at all levels of government. This small but mighty team is continuing to build support for reform throughout the state.


Victory in Princeton, New Jersey!

MARCH 13TH 2017

Represent Central New Jersey passed their 5th Anti-Corruption Resolution on March 13th, 2017. The Resolution calls on the mayor of Princeton, Liz Lempert, to send a letter of support for three bipartisan campaign finance reform bills in the New Jersey Assembly. The letters will be sent to the members of the 16th district of the New Jersey State Legislature along with the executive officers of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and the New Jersey Conference of Mayors.


Victory in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania!


Represent Northeastern Pennsylvania passed their second resolution of 2017 through the Luzerne County Board on February 28th. The resolution called for city, state, and federal anti-corruption reform, and is proof of how a small dedicated team can make a difference at the local level.


Victory in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!


Represent Northeastern Pennsylvania passed the state’s first anti-corruption resolution, through the Wilkes-Barre City Council on January 12th.  The resolution called for city, state, and federal anti-corruption reform, and was the product of a months long campaign by Represent NEPA members.


Victory in Portland, Oregon!


Represent Portland joined the coalition, A Voice for All Portland, to pass Open & Accountable Elections through the Portland City Council. Open & Accountable Elections will curb the power of wealthy donors in city elections, making it easier for all Portlanders – regardless of their wealth or connections– to run for office. This will make the city government more representative and accountable to the voters.


Victory in South Dakota!


Voters in South Dakota made history by passing America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. People of all political backgrounds supported the South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, a measure that will increase transparency and accountability and empower voters across the state.

Victory in McHenry County, Illinois!


In McHenry County, IL, voters sized the chance to show support for their local anti-corruption movement. Our Represent McHenry chapter, in collaboration with Represent Rockford, led successful community efforts to pass an Anti-Corruption Resolution in McHenry County with 94% voter approval.


Victory in Boone County, Illinois!


Our Represent Rockford chapter achieved their fourth resolution victory in Boone County, IL! With the help of our Represent McHenry County chapter, these dedicated volunteers passed an Anti-Corruption Resolution in Boone County with the support of over 90% of local voters.


Victory in Multnomah County, Oregon!


Our Represent Portland chapter worked with local coalition partners to pass Measure 26-184 with 89% support. The measure will limit contributions from individuals and PACs to $500, limit independent spending, and require disclosure of the true funders of political ads.


Victory in San Francisco, California!


Represent.Us San Francisco chapter members led the effort to pass Prop T, a ban on gifts from lobbyists with 87% support, the biggest margin of victory of any San Francisco ballot measure in over 20 years. Represent San Francisco received endorsements for Prop T from over 50 community organizations and individuals, including the SF Republican Party, SF Democratic Party, League of Women Voters, and more.


Victory in Southfield, Michigan!


Members of our Represent Oakland County, MI, chapter passed Michigan’s first Anti-Corruption Resolution! The Southfield City Council unanimously approved the resolution calling for anti-corruption reform at the state and federal level. The vote came one year after Represent Oakland County members secured an endorsement of the Anti-Corruption Act from then mayoral candidate Ken Siver.


Victory in Cocoa, Florida!

JULY 27TH 2016

Volunteers with our Represent the Space Coast chapter passed the first Anti-Corruption Resolution in the Sunshine State. The Cocoa City Council unanimously approved the resolution proclaiming the city’s ongoing support for transparency, impartial decision-making, integrity, and accountability at every level of government.


Victory in Lawrence Township, New Jersey!

JUNE 21ST 2016

Don’t call it a comeback – the volunteers of Represent Central New Jersey recently passed a resolution calling for greater transparency in political donations. The overwhelming support received from the Township Council of Lawrence Township makes this the fourth anti-corruption resolution to pass in New Jersey.


Victory in Miami-Dade County, Florida!

MAY 17TH 2016

A county-wide transparency measure calling for greater transparency has passed in Miami-Dade! The legislation, passing 7-to-1, requires transparency regarding from all candidates for local office and lowers the campaign donation threshold.





Victory in Leverett, Massachusetts!

APRIL 30 2016

Represent Western MA starts out 2016 strong with a victory in Leverett, Massachusetts! Leverett residents passed a comprehensive non-binding Anti-Corruption Resolution at their town meeting on April 30, 2016. Thank you to all the  volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to pass anti-corruption resolutions in their communities across the country!

Victory in Portland, Oregon!

APRIL 20TH 2016

The volunteers with our Represent Portland chapter have helped pass local legislationfocused on increasing transparency in local elections. The new rule requires lobbyists and political consultants to disclose their political services.


Victory in South Brunswick, New Jersey!

APRIL 12TH 2016

Volunteers with Represent Central New Jersey helped pass an anti-corruption resolutionin South Brunswick, NJ, making this the third township in central New Jersey to call for tough anti-corruption reform!

Be part of the next win.


Victory in Roanoke Valley, Virginia!


Volunteers with Represent Roanoke helped make Roanoke the eighth city in the nation to officially call for tough, new laws to end the legalized corruption currently running rampant in our country.


Victory in San Francisco, California!


Voters in San Francisco, California supported the Expenditure Lobbyist Measure, a anti-corruption ballot measure. Friends of Ethics, a local ethics watchdog, partnered with Represent San Francisco and other volunteers to qualify the measure for the ballot and ensure its successful passage.


Victory in Seattle, Washington!


In Seattle, Washington, a nonpartisan, local coalition successfully passed the I-122 ballot initiative. Led by Honest Elections Seattle, the effort sought to reduce conflicts of interest and create a more representative local government by passing a law modeled after the American Anti-Corruption Act.


Victory in DeKalb County, Illinois!

APRIL 7TH 2015

The citizens of Dekalb County, Illinois passed an Anti-Corruption resolution with 87% of the vote. Represent Rockford—which also brought victory to neighboring Winnebago County—led the win.


Victory in Winnebago County, Illinois!

APRIL 7TH, 2015

Voters of Winnebago County, Illinois passed an Anti-Corruption Resolution with 87% support. Represent Rockford led the successful campaign, along with a win in neighboring Dekalb County.


Victory in Ewing Township, New Jersey!


The Ewing Township council adopted an Anti-Corruption Resolution, passed by a unanimous 4-0 vote. Over 1000 residents of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District signed on as citizen co-sponsors of the Resolution. Three congressional candidates, including the winner of the General Election, Bonnie Watson, endorsed local organizers.

Be part of the next win.


Victory in Tallahassee, Florida!


Voters in Tallahassee, Florida, approved the first city-wide Anti-Corruption Act in the United States, which passed by an overwhelming 2-1 margin. The win was spearheaded by a small but dedicated group of progressives, conservatives, and independents—including the Chair of the Florida Tea Party Network, the former President of the  Florida League of Women Voters, the Chairman of Florida  Common Cause, and a former Democratic County  Commissioner—who came together to bring the Anti-Corruption Act to their city.


Victory in Genoa, Illinois!


The citizens of Genoa Township, Illinois voted overwhelmingly in favor of a local Anti-Corruption Resolution, which passed with 89% support.


Victory in Western Massachusetts!


Western Massachusetts voters passed an Anti-Corruption Resolution with 84% approval. The vote represents Massachusetts Congressional District 2, which includes 24 communities across 5 counties.


Victory in Cambridge!


Represent.Us Boston lead a win in District 19 with 72% of the citizens’ vote.


Victory in Princeton, New Jersey!

JULY 14TH 2014

The city council of Princeton, New Jersey passed the first municipal Anti-Corruption Resolution by unanimous vote. Local activist Susan Colby, together with David Goodman, lead the Represent.Us Princeton chapter to victory.

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