Rally to Protect Transparency Sept. 17

 Join us at the New Jersey Rally to Protect Transparency 


  • Date:    Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Time:    9:30 am meeting time  (proceedings begin at 10am)
  • Where: Outside of the Clarkson S. Fisher Courthouse, 402 E. State St. Trenton NJ
  • Who:  Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker will speak
  • RSVP to receive more details go to this link: https://volunteer.represent.us/nj_darkmoney_rally_091719
After years of grassroots activism and pressure, Represent New Jersey successfully got the “End Dark Money” Law (S-150) on the books. The law is set to go into effect soon, but the Koch brothers’ organization, Americans for Prosperity, is suing to stop the law with an injunction to order to keep dark money in New Jersey politics.
On September 17th, Represent New Jersey leaders will face the Koch Brothers in court for the first time. Join members and concerned New Jersey citizens outside the courthouse to let our NJ Chapter know we have their back, and that New Jersey-ans deserve to know who is trying to buy political influence.
This injunction has the potential to sideline the enormous progress that has been made in the fight against dark money in New Jersey for months, if not years. We need to make sure Represent New Jersey leaders know the people have their back as these special interest groups hold political transparency hostage in our elections.  Join us for this historic anti-corruption fight.

We are fighting back and we need your help.

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